Still lives

For 25 years the Dutch artist Loes Botman (1968) has been drawing with pastels. With this soft material, which is pure pigment, she intuitively pours the world into characteristic forms.Her use of lines and freedom of colours prove her craftmanship and great commitment to the subject. Through the penetrating glance in her animals’ eyes a deep question seems to be asked of us: ‘Who do we think we are in dealing with animals the way we do?’ With her gentle pastels, Loes Botman wants to be a true ambassador of the animals.

In this book, with over 100 colour illustrations from the star of her career until now, she lets the still lives speak, which help us to ease our loneliness and keep our wonder for living awake. The book is completed with poems and text fragments of known and less-known authors.

‘I started drawing animals because I felt homesick, longing for the countryside where I was raised. Meanwhile my reason to draw animals has changed into a metaphor for the deep love for everything that lives.’

Loes Botman


Ton Lemaire, Chief Seattle, Joy Harjo, a.o.


Roos Naves a.o.


More than 100 colour illustrations


9789073007 383


For watching and reading




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