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Artists - Jos van Wunnik - Birch forest 3

Birch forest 3

Artist: Jos van Wunnik


caseïnetempera on birch plywood

Image size:

70 x 80 cm.

Frame size:

79 x 89,5 cm.



Price (with frame):

€ 2.500,00


For Jos van Wunnik (Maastricht 1951) his artistic calling is identical with a search for inner values and truth. From the beginning of his career he is occupied with the question how to bridge the gap between his inner feelings and that which he perceives in the outside world. Always busy to reconcile these two aspects he created a multifaced and always surprising poetical oeuvre. A trip to Bhutan in 1991 formed a breaking point in his quest and marks the beginning of a new chapter, namely that of discovering the quality of each single color. During his further development he managed to unite these color dimensions with his breath of life. He established a transformation, a transformation in color, that shows us the world in a very special way: as many colored vibrating particles which create rhythms and flows.

During his almost daily walks through the wood in his neighbourhood he always sees new things: rhythms of trees, hidden wells and weird twists of branches. His fascination for this is translated in paintings which he mostly creates in series. As with the Birch forest.

    I am interested in the following artwork: Birch forest 3. Please contact me.

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