For Sale

Hairy heart

Artist: Geertje van der Zijpp


Mixed media

Image size:

110 x 42 cm

Frame size:

125 x 53 cm



Price (with frame):

€ 495,00


Geertje van der Zijpp was born in 1960 on a farm near Hindeloopen, Friesland. She loved the many animals around her, because these made her happy. Over the years she can stlll feel this joy and connection with everything and it returns in her paintings. It was an inner conviction to become an artist and so she choose for an education at the Minerva Academy in Groningen. In the course of time she developed her own fairy-like and dreamy style, preferably with movement and always positive. She says: ‘My paintings express my feelings, and at the same time a little door in my head is opened while I’m painting, and a tumbling dancing happy light pours into me. I conceive it as a loving spiritual light that shines in every soul, and as by itself it colors my work. The idealist in me dreams of a lovely world with a warm place for everyone. I wish to make the world more beautiful.’

    I am interested in the following artwork: Hairy heart. Please contact me.

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