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Artists - Ger Stallenberg - Mystery flow

Mystery flow

Artist: Ger Stallenberg


oil on panel (SOLD)

Image size:

20 x 20 cm.

Frame size:

32 x 32 cm.



Price (with frame):

€ 950,00


The landscapes and still lives of Ger Stallenberg (Maastricht 1957) show an enormous feeling for nature and culture. Both form an inexhaustible source of inspiration, in which the welding together of the two always leads to a surprising result. Timeless landscapes form the scenery in which realistic elements act. The eternal and the transitory are imagined in a way that a new reality comes to life. By changing and styling reality an image is created behind which a deeper meaning is hidden. The artist is searching for the transcendant, imaginary world which is inherent in matter. In this respect he is tributary to late 19-the century symbolism in which suggestion, thought, mystery and spirituality were important elements in both visual art and literature.


    I am interested in the following artwork: Mystery flow. Please contact me.

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