Exhibition ‘Human Seasons’

March 8 - April 6

On March 8 at 14.30 p.m. is the festive opening of the exhibition ‘HUMAN SEASONS’, with paintings of Azad Saber and art quilts of Hilde van Schaardenburg. You are warmly invited to be present with this. The gallery is open from 14.00 p.m.. For the organisation it’s handy if you could fill in the form at the bottom of this page. Thanks!

The show runs to and with April 5. Unfortunately the gallery has no complete access for wheelchairs.

AZAD SABER (Sulaymaniyah, South-Kurdistan/Iraq, 1968) grew up in an artistic surrounding and became familiar with different art styles during his childhood. From 1983, he regularly exhibited in Iraq and Turkey and from 1999 also in the Netherlands. Since 2012 he lives and works in Finland. Azad’s sensitive work is impressionistic with realistic details. Big and small emotions are given a place in a poetic imagery that is open to interpretation.

‘Through painting I can express myself. Since I realized that I belong to the Kurdish people, that is a slave in its own country and has no right to live in peace, my work focuses on human life and the free intermingling of material and spiritual values.’

 Hope for the future no. 2 (22 x 19 cm., 2013)

Landscape in the morning no. 17 (49 x 57 cm., 2014)

   Landscape with old church ( 24 x 35 cm., 2014)

For HILDE van SCHAARDENBURG (Stuttgart 1954) art played an important role from early on, as a natural companion on her path. With all kinds of different materials she gave form to an endless stream of ideas, untill in 2002 she discovered the amazing world of patchwork and quilting. From that time on she only worked with textile, paint and minerals/crystals. With this specialization she not only won various awards all around the globe, but it also gave her a position as a jurywoman. Her work is always an expression of joie de vivre and she derives her inspiration from the endlessly rich forms and colors in nature. The following saying of Friedrich Schiller is written in her heart:

‘All art is dedicated to joy and there is no higher and more serious task than making people happy’.

The Human Seasons (120 x 90 cm., 2018)

Strahlung 23 ( 70 x 68 cm., 2016)

Time for something new (144 x 94 cm., 2003)


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