Still lives

March 24 2019

Coming march 24 is the official opening of the exhibition ‘Still lives’ with pastels of Loes Botman and wood sculptures of Ruud Jaspers.

The exhibition ends april 22. Notice: Easter day april 21 the gallery will be closed and is not suitable for wheelchair users.

LOES BOTMAN – pastels

Since her study at the Royal Academy for Visual Art in The Hague Loes Botman (1968) is working only with pastel. With this soft material of pure pigment she gives birth to images in an own, intuitive way of life around us. Her animals and flowers on paper or panel look realistic, but they differ from reality. Her composition and use of colours reveal the professionality and a great involvement in her subjects..

During this exhibition the book ‘Stille levens / Still lives’ is available.

 Goose, 70 x 80 cm., 2018

. Arab, 67 x 96 cm., 2018

  Japanese cherry blossom, 75 x 75 cm., 2014

  Autumn, 25 x 28 cm., 2019

RUUD JASPERS — wood sculptures

Ruud Jaspers (1955) is autodidact. The beautiful structure of wood is the source of inspiration for his striking and vunerable sculptures. He asks himself: ‘What is wood actually? When becomes wood wood? A tree in the forest is not wood, it is a living being.’

His fascination for the spiral form comes from this existing phenomenon in the outer world.: ‘from spiral nebula till little snake house; from leaf of a fern till sunflower, everywhere you meet this primal form. It is a beautiful image of development and evolution.’

Ruud Jaspers uses wood with a story. ‘Cracks, knots, sometimes wormholes, fungi, diseases, ingrown bast tissue, all that makes wood very interesting. I use native wood preferably, bur sometimes I work with tropic wood. Then I notice it will not be from overcropping.’

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