Interwoven signs

From october 21 till november 19

Jos van Wunnik – Paintings and Photographs

JOS VAN WUNNIK (Maastricht NL 1951) attended the Academy for Industrial Design in Eindhoven NL, as well as the City Academy and Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. In 1973 and 2002 he won the first price of Art Manifestations initiated by the Diocese of Roermond NL. Since 1987 he lives and works in South Limburg, where the Schinveld Woods are his most important source of inspiration.

‘The central theme in my work is to try making visible the life energy that flows through and connects all in nature: the rhythmic interwovenness and the flowing cycles of everything. You could describe my work as the poetic expression of nature impressions, as an interwovenness of the visible and the invisible.’

It’s for the third time that Jos van Wunnik comes to our gallery. This time he introduces among others his most recent project ‘Crystal Woods’, in which he connects different ways of looking at the landscape. He selected seven locations in nature reserves in a range of 10 km. around his living place, where he can still experience a totality of nature and life energetic qualities. The connection with this totalty is reflected by means of photography, maps and paintings.

   Place of connection – 70 x 100 cm.

   Parallellogram – 40 x 50 cm.

   Gift of the oaks – 70 x 50 cm.

Nicole Bots – Ceramics

Modelling with clay has always fascinated Nicole Bots (Roermond NL 1954). After her study Education and Handicraft she worked in the Early Location of hearing Impaired. Subsequently she worked for some years as pedagogical co-worker in AMC, Amsterdam. In 1995 she decided to focus completely on ceramic art. She took lessons of ceramists Susan Ohler and Anja Hoogstad, with whom she trained in various techniques. Over the years she developed a completely own style.

Typical for her work is the use of 5000 years old cylinder seals from Mesopotamia. She derives her inspiration from life experiences, like the birth of her fourth grandchild. This resulted in the wider theme of human development during his life in times of shadow, and the way to the light, represented in floral motifs.

Travels to for instance Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador or South Africa are also incorporated thematically. The Roman Empire and antique Mesopotamia keep fascinating her. Every millimeter of the work is carefully treated. For her the making process is the challenge, the working towards a result which is thrilling and colorful.

Please join us at the festive opening on octobre 21 at 14.30 pm. The doors are open from 14.00 pm

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