Wandering through Arcadia and out of it


On Sunday February 11 2018 is the festive opening of the exhibition ‘Wandering through Arcadia and out of it’, with paintings of GER STALLENBERG and jewelry and objects of JOSEMIEKE SEGERS.

The gallery is open from 14.00 hours and the official part starts at 14.30 p.m. The show runs to and with Sunday March 11.
If you wish to attend the opening, please subscribe in the contact form at he bottom of this page.

Ger Stallenberg

Ger Stallenberg was born on July 7 juli 1959 at Maastricht. From 1974 – 1979 he studied at the Design Academy in Tilburg, Holland. In his paintings he transforms everyday things into visual poetry. With light and color he succeeds to add surplus value to a seemingly realistic scenery. A flower shows off her beauty in the foreground of a landscape that stands the test of time: individual reality contra the overwhelming presence of life. The painter calls this a harmony of contrasts, in which realism and fantasy go hand in hand. His work offers the beholder all possibilities to dream away and to create one’s own atmosphere. The refinement of detail and the clear color use give Stallenberg’s paintings a strong eloquence.

Friese lucht - 102 x 27 cm - olieverf op paneel - Ger Stallenberg

Last bloom - 50 x 20 cm - olieverf op paneel - Ger Stallenberg

Between blues - 30 x 30 cm - olieverf op paneel - Ger Stallenberg

Josemieke Segers

Josemieke Segers (1962) works since 1992 as a precious metal worker in her own studio/shop in Tilburg, Holland. There she creates her jewelry in commision, starting from a personal story of her customer. Besides this she gives courses, among others things the forging of an individual power object and, inspired by nature forms, Josemieke makes three-dimensional objects with which she combines her metalwork with other materials like wood, bone and crystals. She received her education at the Vocational School for Precious Metal Work in Schoonhoven, Holland.

Zondaars - zilver - Josemieke Segers Hout/kokosnoot, verguld zilver - Josemieke Segers Hanger - kwarts-zilver - Josemieke Segers


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